Work Permit Application

Work Permit Application

To start a job after arrival in Canada is only possible if you obtain a valid work permit. Generally, you need to apply for a work permit before you go to Canada.

How many types of work permits are available?
When do you need a LIMA (Labor Market Impact Assessment)?

There are two types of work permits that you can apply for.

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer-specific Work Permit

The easiest and the most reliable way to fill an application for the work permit is online. Let us talk more about what is covered under the eligibility criteria to apply under these categories.

Open Work Permit: Under this category, you are eligible to work for any employer this is not-job specific. You would not require a LIMA (Labor Market Impact Assessment), or a specific employment offer by an employer.

Employer-specific Work Permit: Under this category, you will have to work under the conditions on your work permit and for a specific employer.

This includes:
The name of the employer who will work for,
The duration for which you can work for the employer,
Location, the area where you will be working for the specific employer.

Employers hire foreign workers temporarily to fulfill their needs, so this is covered under this category of work permits. For some specific occupation categories, you would not require a LIMA (Labor Market Impact Assessment).

To know if you are eligible for the Open Work Permit or Employer- specific Work Permit feel free to contact us. We will evaluate and help.