Refugee Visa

Refugee Visa

The Canadian Government takes a series of measures for the individual to immigrate to Canada, likewise, if the requirements are met, you can settle in Canada as a Refugee. Although you cannot directly apply, for a Refugee you must be referred. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), a designated referral organization, or a private sponsorship group can only refer you.

Individuals, the foreign nationals who fear persecution and are not able to get the protection in their home country are referred to apply under the refugee.
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Who qualifies as a Refugee in Canada?

Persons who Need Protection-
Persons who are not living a normal life in their home country and are exposed to torture or cruel treatment. When their government is not able to support them and provide protection.

Convention Refugee-
Persons who are not living in their home country but still fear persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion who cannot be protected within their country.

Country of Asylum Class-
This class is generally for the people who are living outside their home country and but do not fall under the qualification of convention refugee. The individual is considered to fall under the country of asylum class only if the immigration officer claims that he is being exposed to, and personally getting affected by civil war, armed conflict, or massive violation of human rights.

Can a Refugee work in Canada?
Refugees are not permitted to work in Canada unless they obtain a work permit. After fulfilling all the requirements once you settle in Canada as a Refugee, you can then apply for permanent residency status and obtain legal citizenship.

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