Investors Program

Investors Program

Are you looking for setting up a Business in Canada?

The Canadian Federal Government is constantly introducing new laws and Business Immigration programs to ensure a successful settlement for the immigrants who possess the purpose of setting up a business in Canada.

The Business Immigration programs allow the individuals who have the skill and experience to explore the local markets and help in its growth. The aim is to attract skilled entrepreneurs the self-employed and businesspersons to settle in Canada who presently do not hold a permanent residency in Canada. Individuals can invest and start-up their business in the local market and contribute to the growth and support the local economy of the nation.

We at Reddy Immigration put together all that you require to start up your business in Canada and furnish you with a full-fledged plan, customizable as per the individuals’ requirements.

Which Business Immigration options are available?

For the individuals who are planning to Canada under the Business Immigration Programs the following options are available. (Depends on the eligibility)

Start-up Visa Program

Under this program, the foreign owners, and the entrepreneurs receive support like funding, proper guidance to set-up their business which would also contribute to the country’s growth and development.

Self Employed Persons Program

This program allows foreign nationals who carry applicable experience in the field of cultural activities, athletics, or farm management to settle in Canada permanently as self-employed persons. Under this program, the Government expects to receive a vital contribution to Canada's cultural life or sports.

Investor Visa Program

This program aims to attract foreign entrepreneurs and investors, who have able to bring their business to Canada, or qualified businesspeople who can invest, open a franchise, or set up their business branch in Canada.

Entrepreneur Visa Program

Under this program, foreign entrepreneurs & businessmen receive support if they wish to acquire a business in Canada. This also extends to those who are looking to establish or invest in some business in Canada.

You know what, Canada tops the lists when we look at the leading destinations for entrepreneurs and international investors.
Our certified immigration consultants can explore the Business Immigration options for you as per your eligibility. Contact us to know the program that would suit you.