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Permanent Residence

For the people who are thinking of immigration to a progressive country, Reddy Immigration Is a one-stop solution providing immigration services and solutions for all your queries. Explore the ocean of opportunities for your future. Immigrating to Canada and obtaining a permanent residency status may seem easy but it is not. Expert guidance is necessary to choose the correct pathway. In Canada, there are over 80 migration programs available with different eligibility criteria for persons.

Each year many people from around the globe apply for these programs in the hope to get a permanent residency status. We at Reddy Immigration work on the requirements and help with the options that exist for you. With our on-point immigration consultancy services, we are helping people to live their dream of settling in Canada with a secure status.

Temporary Residence

To start a job after arrival in Canada is only possible if you obtain a valid work permit. Generally, you need to apply for a work permit before you go to Canada. Employers hire foreign workers temporarily to fulfill their needs, so this is covered under this category of work permits. For some specific occupation categories, you would not require a LIMA (Labor Market Impact Assessment).

Canada is home to remarkable instructive organizations. From grade school to college, Canadian schools suit the requests of present day world. Consistently Canada invites in excess of 100,000 understudies/ students to consider and investigate astounding profession openings.

Which Canadian city would you like to visit first?
Yes, this planning will fall in place once you have a visitor visa.
Every year many people visit Canada, to see friends & family, look for some opportunities to settle in future or just to travel around the breathtaking sceneries and beauty of Canada.

Below mentioned are the programs available:

Investors Program

Are you looking for setting up a Business in Canada?
The Canadian Federal Government is constantly introducing new laws and Business Immigration programs to ensure a successful settlement for the immigrants who possess the purpose of setting up a business in Canada.

The Business Immigration programs allow the individuals who have the skill and experience to explore the local markets and help in its growth. The aim is to attract skilled entrepreneurs the self-employed and businesspersons to settle in Canada who presently do not hold a permanent residency in Canada. Individuals can invest and start-up their business in the local market and contribute to the growth and support the local economy of the nation.

We at Reddy Immigration put together all that you require to start up your business in Canada and furnish you with a full-fledged plan, customizable as per the individuals’ requirements.

Below mentioned are the programs available:

Refugee Visa

The Canadian Government takes a series of measures for the individual to immigrate to Canada, likewise, if the requirements are met, you can settle in Canada as a Refugee. Although you cannot directly apply, for a Refugee you must be referred. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), a designated referral organization, or a private sponsorship group can only refer you.

Individuals, the foreign nationals who fear persecution and are not able to get the protection in their home country are referred to apply under the refugee.

Our immigration lawyers can assist you with the vital information you require if you fall under the categories of a Refugee Visa.

Below mentioned are the programs available: